Angela Farmer(non-registered)
Hi Harold. Just wanted to say i just took down your 2016 Calendar... Wish I had one for 2017 :) I found your Calendar at work one day (Taylor Brands) and grabbed it up... Your pictures are just gorgeous.. Great Work!!! ps:- We went to ETSU together.
Dale King(non-registered)
Nice to meet you at Boone Fork a while back. Thanks so much for the calendar, terrific work. Hope our paths will cross again.
Kristen Harmon(non-registered)
We were the ones that met you on the trail to the devil's bathtub (with Jeanetta and Craig Williams). Thank you so much for the beautiful calendar!!! We loved it and greatly appreciate it!!! Looking at the beautiful pictures in your calendar has me wanting to go visit all those places!! Again thank you so much!! May God bless you!!!
Craig & Jeanetta Williams(non-registered)
We are the ones (along with Brett & Kristen Harmon) that you met coming back from the Devil's Bathtub. We had such a pleasant surprise when we returned to the truck. Thanks for leaving us the calendars. The photos were absolutely beautiful. All of us really appreciated them. We also were amazed how you were able to cross all those rapidly-flowing creeks with all your gear. You are an outstanding photographer. Thanks so much. God bless!
Yvonne R. Sanders(non-registered)
Harold, absolutely breathtaking! I recently discovered your work through a mutual contact in Mr. Charles "Charlie" Moore. He gave me one of your calendars and I am blown away with the artistic way in which you capture the beauty of nature! Beautiful work!
LARA J HAYES(non-registered)
Breathtaking photography - I am speechless at the beauty of nature. Harold, you have a true gift and your love of nature shows in your work.
Sue Ann Justice(non-registered)
The images are sharp, the colors are vivid and the composition is balanced and beautiful. I really enjoy your work.
Kristen Bear-Hunter(non-registered)
Your eye for nature is truly a God given talent!! Each one is so unique but definately has your signature style. I really enjoy looking at all of your photographs, congrats on a beautiful portfolio!!
Darren Shelton(non-registered)
Harold Ross by far is one of the best landscape photographers I have ever known. I have personally tried to duplicate some of his work, but it is almost impossible. I am the number one fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bill Derby(non-registered)
We have published many of Harold Ross, Jr.'s brilliant nature photos in our newspaper. It takes a special talent to capture the beauty of nature. Harold's photos do that and more in every exposure. It is very difficult to catch the right lighting for the perfect photo, many times lasting only minutes a day. Harold Ross, Jr. has that special talent.
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