Directions To Big Tumbling Creek & Falls

Clinch Mountain Wildlife Management Area

Approximately 80 miles from Johnson City (1.45 hr travel time)

Best time to shoot – May & June

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Big Tumbling Crk -3V lightened - Brd Rm #2


From Johnson City take 26 west to Interstate 81.

Go north on Interstate 81 approx. 55 miles to Exit 35 Chilhowie/Saltville

At the end of exit ramp turn left under hwy 81 and head into Chilhowie.

Cross Railroad tracks and proceed straight through town, go through red light in town.

You are on hwy 107 North. You should come to a flashing yellow light approx 5 miles out the town of Chilhowie. Go straight through this light still on hwy 107.

In another 3 miles you will come to a stop light which is Main Street for the town of Saltville.

Turn left here on (RT 91) and go approx 1/10 mile and look for a small brown street sign on right that says Allison Gap Rd. Turn Right here.

You will be on a two lane road now that narrows. You will see a waste water treatment plant on left after you cross a creek. The road seems to shrink as it snakes through some homes.

You will come to a split in the road in front of (Church of God of Prophecy) Turn Left her onto RT 613.

Stay on Rt613 for approx 3.8 miles. You will cross Big Tumbling creek (small bridge). Slow down because you will be turning right 50 yards past this point.

Turn Right into Clinch Mountain Wildlife Management Area …Rt 747. This will be a gravel road.

Travel 2.2 miles on this road and you will cross your first single lane bridge. You will notice small brown sign on left that says “Fee Area Section A” sign. This is for the trout fishermen who fish this managed fishery.

At 3.1 miles you will see maintenance sheds on right. Then the Rangers house is above this on right.

As you Continue up the gravel road another mile you will come to another “Fee Area Section C” Bear right at this sign and you will be starting up the mountain.

Continue up the mountain going through 4 switchbacks for the next 1.6 miles.

After completing the 4thswitchback the roads proceeds up hill look for creek on left. Also be on the look-out for pull-offs. (small wide areas on left for one or two cars). You will see the steps falls on left and probably hear the one large 25 ft Falls further up the creek from step falls.

Pull over at one of these pull-offs and proceed down the embankment carefully to the creek.  

Enjoy,  Harold